Planting Potatoes

I like planting a garden in the springtime and watching it grow. I really like fresh tomatoes and fresh green beans right out of the garden. So I was excited when I read about growing potatoes in old tires.

You plant your seed potatoes in the ground just like always. But when they start to grow you find an old tire and put it around the leaves and throw in some leaves and dirt and let it grow up through the dirt again. Then add another tire and more dirt and leaves and grass to keep it loose. When you are ready. you knock it over and there are supposed to be potatoes 6 foot high all through the dirt. 

I kept adding tires and dirt until it was over 6 feet high, taller than the top of my head and still growing.  I was hungry for potatoes so I knocked that stack of tires over. I had a six foot high antbed and no potatoes. 


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