Building and Flying your Kite

Creating, designing, and building kites creates the challenge of combining shape, color and balance with aerodynamics. There is great satisfaction to be gained from seeing the product of months of designing and constructing, floating in a gentle breeze on a backdrop of an endless blue sky.

Form, balance and color are fundamental to the success of a kite design. Yet few people work with color instinctively. Most people have to work hard to achieve a harmonious color scheme. Use too many colors and the effect becomes uncoordinated and harsh. Too few colors and the appearance is often uninteresting.

A color harmony can be achieved by small families of hue, using colors which lie next to each other on the color circle. A pale red could be combined with warm yellow and orange to create such a harmony. This would result in a quiet combination. By introducing a strongly contrasting color, such as blue, the overall effect becomes far more lively.