Sport Bikes and Cruisers JOBS

Motorcycle riding is about having fun. For me the essence of riding is leaning into the turns and the more lean the better. That's why I like sport bikes so much -- they can achieve substantial lean angles without scraping hard parts. This characteristic also makes sport bikes a bit safer. You have more margin in corners. If you come into a corner a bit to fast you almost always can lean a little further and make it through the turn without scraping anything. Sport bikes also have more precise steering and just generally handle better than other types of motorcycles.

Cruisers have such low ground clearance that you will be scraping hard parts well before you even approach decent lean angles. Cruisers also have relatively slow steering and their handling is best described as heavy. But if you enjoy the wind and the smells and the sounds, cruising is for you, good sights and sounds and good companionship.




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