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Tuna and Noodles

1 can of tuna

1 package of wide noodles

1 can of mushroom soup

1 heaping table spoon of Mayo (that would be a regular table spoon from the silverware draw cause I have enough to wash).

3 table spoons of orange juice.


Boil noodles till done, drain noodles dump in tuna, mushroom soup, heaping table spoon of Mayo and orange juice stir together and salt and pepper to taste and eat. 

My life is really busy, I like everything simple and this is quick, simple not a lot of dirty dishes and I have time at the end of the night to sit down.  The orange juice was milk but when I was a teenager we had milk in one pitcher and orange juice in the other and guess who made a mistake and put orange juice instead of milk in.  Of course I didn't want to dirty anything to make more work.  Everyone liked it so I have done it that way ever since.  Unless I didn't have Orange juice then I did without.  Good luck and enjoy.

The Simple things in life.