Reverse Aging

In general, menopause could start as early as after 30 years old or as late as over 60 years old. The regular function of ovaries will gradually disappear. The supply of female hormone will also decrease to the lowest point. The physical change occurs to most female during age 46 to 56. The average age for menopause is 51. The lower level of hormone will result in the changes of the human body. The most apparent symptoms are irregular cycle or lesser volume during the menstruation, or it comes to a complete stop. The menopause is confirmed after one full year of the discontinuation of female menstruation. It is always the case that every woman will face the menopause before 70 years old.

Hormonal changes are not as universally recognized in middle-aged males as in females, mainly because the symptoms in males do not occur suddenly around age 49 as in many females. The decrease in hormone production in males takes place gradually over several years. Sometimes it can happen to males as young as 35 years old.

HGH is the fountain of youth that helps restore health and vitality. It can help males rebuild muscles, improve sexual potency and interests and improve the immune systems. It can also strengthen cardiovascular and pulmonary functions and heal the damage caused by stress. In the meantime, it can stabilize one's emotion, improve memory and thinking process, increase skin elasticity, eliminate wrinkles, reshape body, strengthen kidney functions and increase bone density. Growth Hormone promotes liver's secretion of growth factor IGF-1 and revitalizes cells and organs to return to their original conditions. HGH(Human Growth Hormone) is the ultimate hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It is closely associated with the production of male hormones.