Spam Filters

Finding Your Best Spam Filtration

What does Spam cost you?
Spam causes both loss of productivity trying to filter out legitimate e-mail's, excessive bandwidth usage on your company's internet connection slowing down the Internet for employees. Virus's opened by a unsuspecting user causes both damage to that users system and any other machine on the network including servers and accounting data. Answer these concerns by filtering the e-mail before it ever gets to your mail server, thus saving you time, money and freeing up internet access compared to the conventional anti-spam/virus software which means the message has to be downloaded before it deletes the mail.


Keep junk mails out of your inbox, stops spam before it gets to you - Never filter e-mail from friends and family - and block offensive words and pictures. It is a simple, yet powerful utility to make your daily life more productive.

Handle the following four E-mail servers, POP3, IMAP,, and Block 99% of unwanted junk E-mail with zero false positives.
Get the E-mail you want and nothing more!!.