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Get pampered at a world-class Mexican spa for the cost of a U.S. or European spa. ... There are spas in Cuernavaca, Pto. Vallarta, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Cancun, Mazatlan and other locations in Mexico. All of the Mexican spas are like U.S. spas with exercise classes, Yoga, Tai-Chi, aerobics etc. Only one (Rio Caliente) has natural mineral water on the premises and another (Ixtapan) is next door to mineral waters. Soak in mineral waters that help arthritis, psoriasis, many other maladies and reduce signs of aging. My arthritis was certainly put into remission -- no lie. Over 40 locations evaluated, from world-class spas to simple hot springs. The spas are classified as spiritual retreats, mineral water spas, upscale spas. .