Vitamin Center

Vitamins are organic compounds
that are necessary in small quanities
to prevent disease and to participate
in regulating the biochemical
process of the body.

Some vitamins dissolve in water;
these are easily lost when
cooking water is discarded.
Some are destroyed or impaired
by heat;
cooking times for foods
containing these should be
as short as possible.

Some are effected by light or oxygen;
these must be protected during storage.

Prolonged excessive doses
of 3 vitamins;
A, D, and K
can have toxic effects.

Overdoses are less likely to occur
if natural sources are relied upon.

B-Complex are considered
essential nutrients for man;
pantothenic acid

At least 2 others;
para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

Known to be important.
Foods containing other B-Complex
will contain these.