Work at Home
Beware Work at Home Programs

How One Women Made $11,212.00 per Month on eBay and How You Can Too!

You can make money online right on the internet by selling other peoples stuff online.  You can get commissions of 1% to 50% or higher...

I made $24000 in less than 36 hours with no employees!!!

       We have all seen the ads.  Make money in your pajamas from the comfort of your house.  Well it is a whole lot harder than they make it seem.  I applied to one of those  "get paid to take surveys ads".  They took my money and then didn't send any surveys to take.  When I started complaining they said your money was to get on a list. They didn't actually have any surveys themselves.  Luckily I had paid with a credit card. One call to the credit card company and that charge was removed from my card.  So the reality is that yes you can work at home and make some money with some affiliate programs or by selling online (ebay is not the moneymaker it once was).  However these programs take time to set up and there is an awful lot of work before you make your first dime.  So be skeptical about what you read.